How To Program A Toyota Key On Your Own

Nowadays, everyone is looking for ways to secure their cars using high-tech locks and key systems. If you have a Toyota car and you want to add to its security, you can get a transponder chip key, which is a computerized key system which makes it harder for anyone to steal or unlock your car. However, if you go to the Toyota store to get a transponder chip key, you will be charged a hefty amount of money.

But why pay so much money when you can program the key yourself? If you want to save money and get the job done at the same time, take a look below:

Instructions for Programming your Own Toyota Key

Programming a Toyota transponder key is not a big deal. You can do it on your own at home without needing to head to the dealership which will cost you a lot of money. Follow the tips given below and you will have your very own Toyota transponder chip key.

• In order to program your own transponder chip key, you will need a blank Toyota key. You can get this key from the dealership, online store, or simply from a locksmith. Now take the blank key and the master key to a locksmith and get a duplicate made.
• Once you have got the duplicate keys, you can program a transponder key on your own. You just have to sit in the driver’s seat and press the brakes and gas pedal simultaneously.
• Now insert the master transponder key, but do not turn it.
• Once the key is in, push and release the gas pedal five times within 15 seconds.
• Now you need to press and release the brake pedal six times right after you have completed the gas pedal step.
• You will need to insert the newly made transponder key into the ignition and hold.
• Do not turn the key.
• Now press the gas pedal once.
• Wait for the security light on the dashboard to switch off.
• As soon as the security light goes off, remove the transponder key and press onto the brake pedal once.
• Your new Toyota transponder key must be programmed by now.
• Now it is time to test the key by starting the engine.
• If the engine starts successfully, you have got a new transponder key.
• If the engine doesn’t start, you will need to repeat the process all over again.

Call a Locksmith for Help!

If you are unable to program the key on your own, you can also call a locksmith for help. Locksmiths are experienced professionals who have complete knowledge about keys of different cars and models. Furthermore, these locksmiths will charge you a little amount of money for the service.

Because you will need to get a duplicate key made by a locksmith, it is wise to hand over the entire job to them.

So, instead of wasting money, call a professional locksmith to program a Toyota transponder key for you at cheaper rates.